Human Sundae For Supporting Colorful Run

Mr. Waner's class did an awesome job raising the most money for our school during the Colorful Run! They also are pretty good at making human sundaes. Thank you Mr. T and booster for making this happen. Also thank you to all who donated to our school wide fundraiser. It will help with many fun activities to come.  Overall we raised almost $5000.  Mr. Waner’s class brought in the most with $941.
1st place overall was Aedan Cuzzucoli
2nd place was Lexi Anocibar
3rd place was Madelynn Villa

Top grade level earners:
Tk-Keegan Kaimuloa
K-Marianna Rivera
1-Arrow Matlock
2-Trysten Perry
3-Ean Matlock
4-Hunter Kruger
5-Isabella Palazzola
6- Clayton Brown