Google Apps for Education

Dear Parents and Guardians, December, 2012

We are pleased to announce that your child has been given access to the Google Apps for Education platform through the Bear Valley Unified School District. Your child has been assigned their very own email address that allows them to access a variety of resources and computer programs for free! This account is restricted in a way that your child can only interact with teachers and other students within the BVUSD GAE umbrella. For example, they can only send emails out to teachers and can only receive emails from teachers, and cannot receive email from outside websites, etc. Students are also able to communicate with each other through shared documents, etc. As long as students and their parents have signed the Responsible Use Policy, they will be allowed to use the platform in class and at home for educational purposes. Another significant benefit besides free software access (that is usually very costly to families and the school district) is that students can share documents with their teachers electronically, without the need of a printer! Another benefit is that students can access their school work from any Internet connected device, including tablets, smart phones and public computers, such as those found at the library.

It is important for students to understand that the primary use of these applications is to create documents and presentations for school, and that parents, teachers, and administrators may login to their account to check that their use is appropriate. Students are not allowed to change the password assigned to them by the school district without permission of their teachers. If students are using this technology inappropriately, there may be consequences (to be determined by the teacher, parent, or administrator).

To access these applications please visit and click SIGN IN in the upper right hand corner or go to

Your child’s username is their legal first name, separated by an underscore, then their legal last name. Email address is their username followed by
User Name: firstname_lastname
Email Address:
Password: blesmtli0n (zero in lion, NOT the letter “o”)
Sixth graders will be changing their password to a more secure formula with their teachers to:
“first initial” “last initial” “student id #” “g” (Example for John Smith: js12345g)

If your child is having a hard time logging in at home, please have them ask their teacher to see the official list of email addresses to check spellings, etc. Thank you for your time and I hope that your child will use this valuable resource during their years in the BVUSD!


Mrs. Melinda Peterson